Jaya Schuerch


Born in California, USA, Jaya moved to Berne, Switzerland with her family in 1972.  She is currently based in Italy and works out of her Studio Pescarella in Pietrasanta. She is well established as an international sculptor and is highly flexible in the subjects she sculpts.

After studying Mechanical Engineering in Zurich and travelling in Asia she moved to the US and studied Botany, Biology and Art at Santa Barbara City College.  She then became artist assistant to Ira Ono and Be Jones in Volcano, Hawaii before returning to study in Pietrasanta, Italy. From 1987 – 88 she had an apprenticeship in sculpture restoration at Cloverleaf Studios in Santa Barbara, California.

In 1988 she returned to Italy and became a full time artist.  Since then she has been showing internationally and participated in many international sculpture symposia.  Her work can be found in public and private collections in the USA, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Africa.

"When I came to Italy in 1986 in search of a place where I could learn to carve marble, I only knew that I wanted to work in stone and that sculpture was the only way I could even get close to expressing myself. Learning to carve was like finally finding the right words to say what I need to say. Whatever that is, it comes from a place much deeper and less accessible than where words come from."

"Lately, I've been thinking a lot about myths and how we form our sense of truth from the myths that surround us. I think it is the job of the artist to create the myths that are the foundations of our truths, to reach into the abyss of the ineffable and pull out just enough raw material to fashion those myths."

"It is impossible to live without believing in something, even if it is only that the sun will rise again tomorrow. I used to think that good art makes you think. Now I think that good art makes you believe- what you believe is up to you."

More information: www.jayashuerch.com

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